Eliminating delays, safe delivery of packages and parcels, and prompt servicing- these are some of the hallmarks of our export services.

With a broad-based experience in everything in logistics, our export shipping expertise too works out to be a great competency.

Be it temperature sensitive goods or perishable products, we have the expertise to facilitate a holistic import experience to retailers, wholesalers and end customers.

Right from completion of import-export documentation, getting the customs and port paperwork prepared, and maintaining regulatory compliance at all times – these differentiators gives us the competitive edge for your logical and export needs.

what we offer

We have associated with major airlines operating flights worldwide this makes us a reliable partner for your freight forwarding needs.
Our tie-ups with shipping companies enable us to provide tremendous value to the consignment transportation from the source to the destination.
Our network has a lot of land-based freight forwarding shipment. Get full logistics support across the nation.