Khushboo Forwarders offers freight consolidation services to deliver total business value to smaller shipments. If your business doesn’t need a full consignment load to be delivered to the destination, you can approach our team for the best possible way to get it delivered without affecting the cost of shipping. With our freight consolidation, you don’t have to suffer the burden of less-than-truckload.

Our strategically aligned consolidation services provided multiple benefits like

  • Faster transit times
  • Less congestion at loading docks
  • Better product handling and documentation for your consignment
  • Better control over due dates and production schedules
  • Lower shipping costs due to full truckload shipped

We employ different strategies in freight consolidation such as pooled distribution, fulfilment optimization, or batched shipments. We align the best consolidation strategy that fulfils the delivery needs of your business without compromising on the streamlined workflow for your operations.

You can rely on Khushboo Forwarders to deliver the triple advantages
1 – Cost of loading the truck comes down,
2 – Shipping costs per unit of product is reduced
3 – Distribution costs at the destination port comes down.